Fancelli-Paneling | Since 1954 | The perfection of detail
Craftmen, workshops, creatives working on a common platform.Fancelli Paneling is the association of tradition, creation, new technologies & traditional skills, around the world.
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Craftmen, workshops, creatives working on a common platform.

Fancelli Paneling is the association of tradition, creation, new technologies & traditional skills, around the world.


Since 1954, French historical landmarks authorities have called upon the savoirfaire of Fancelli Paneling for their projects. Respecting and learning from the past gives to Fancelli Paneling knowledge to create paneling in the respect of the original 18th Century techniques.


Fancelli Paneling’s knowledge is now applied to creation, by working with countless architects, interior designers, General Contractors. The refined art of carving and its transmission through generations give to Fancelli paneling the expertise in creating new ways of thinking the Art of Paneling.


A profound knowledge of craft coupled with a training as architect gives to Fancelli Paneling the invaluable experience to understand and meet clients' creative needs, always focusing on the demanding. The base of any project remain in the thinking of how to do it. Our collaborative network, is based on that first step : HOW (technicity, economy, time)


Both in Paris & NewYork, Fancelli Paneling is a network, working with the finest craftmen around the world to guarantee the most efficient way to work and produce.



Originating from Tuscany in Central Italy, the artistic legacy of Fancelli family goes back as far as the Italian Renaissance. The first workshop is established in 1920 by Otello Fancelli  near Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa. His knowledge is transmitted to his son Vincenzo , and in the last years of his life to his grand son Jean Pierre. After World War II, Otello & Vincenzo settled near Paris; their workshop becomes specialized in wood panel restoration  and wood carving. At the time Atelier Vincenzo Fancelli is commissioned to work on prestigious projects as the Galerie de Psyche in Hotel de Bizeuil in Paris and Marie Antoinette’s bedchamber (bed and balustrade) in Château de Versailles. In 1974 Jean Pierre and his wife, Albertine, start working together with Vincenzo to continue the Fancelli family tradition. Atelier Fancelli focuses his restoration skills on historical monuments and develops its creativity working with prestigious architects in interior design projects. In 2004,  Thomas Fancelli join the company to preserve and develop the Fancelli Paneling legacy. To adapt the family tradition to the requests of the 21th century, Thomas applies a new way of « working together ».




27 rue de Montorgueuil 75001 Paris, France

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