Fancelli-Paneling | Since 1954 | 1986 / Restoration des stalles de Saint Claude (Jura)
Restauration des stalles de Saint Claude dans le Jura
St Claude , Restauration, Sculpture sur bois, Carving, Woodwork, Monument historique
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1986 / Restoration des stalles de Saint Claude (Jura)

Carving, Monument historique, Restauration, Sculpture sur bois
About This Project

In September 1983, a fire destroys the 22 stalls of Saint Peter Cathedral in St Claude, France.

Working on photographs taken before the fire, a graphic reconstitution of the stalls was made by the architect of the French historical landmarks.

Fancelli-Paneling, known as Atelier Fancelli, has been commissioned to recreate an important part of this reconstitution: architectural woodwork, canopies, hand-rests, misericords…

About 200 statues have been realized to allow the work by Gehan de Vitry to live again.