Fancelli-Paneling | Since 1954 | 2008 / Island bound from Spain, passing through the ocean
Craftmen, workshops, creatives working on a common platform.Fancelli Paneling is the association of tradition, creation, new technologies & traditional skills, around the world.
Sculpture sur bois, Carving, Woodwoork, Interior design
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2008 / Island bound from Spain, passing through the ocean


20 November

Private Residence
Carving, Oak, Paneling, Sculpture sur bois, Woodwork
About This Project

Taking its inspiration initially from the Escorial Library of Madrid, this library, in its proportions and general allure, recalls a classical style typical of the 16th century.

But the details and motifs of the twenty-four columns, as well as those of the door-handles and the mouldings, reflect the creative spirit and the whimsicality of the sculptors, who used these elements to breathe new life into classical interior architecture.

Ropes, nets, crabs, water-lilies and coral are finely sculpted…The library seems to be, a vestige from the bottom of the ocean.