Fancelli-Paneling | Since 1954 | 2010 / China Laquer
Craftmen, workshops, creatives working on a common platform.Fancelli Paneling is the association of tradition, creation, new technologies & traditional skills, around the world.
woodwork, Carving, Laque, Midavaine, Boiserie, Sculpture sur bois, Interior design, Decors interieur
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2010 / China Laquer


September 30, 2014

Private Residence
Carving, Laque, Midavaine, Oak, Paneling, Sculpture sur bois, Woodwork
About This Project

A Classical  XVI century panelling meeting the china laquer.

Association of two crafts working together for this beautiful project.

Atelier Anne Midavaine & Fancelli Paneling create this boiserie for a Parisian Dining Room.

Link to Atelier Midavaine