Fancelli-Paneling | Since 1954 | 2011 / Peninsula – Conservation of historical panels
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2011 / Peninsula – Conservation of historical panels

Private Residence, Restoration
About This Project

At this time, the building was not the palace known as The Peninsula but as Majestic Hotel.

Fancelli Paneling individuallremoveand numbereeacoriginawoodpanefrom thformeHoteMajestic  –  more tha1,000 piecesin total

Our firstask wasto number  everypieceof wood  and label eachone of them with the specific nature  of the damage so thathe restorers would know howto treateachpiece, 

We first made a scan and a photo reporting of the existing panels, then, we dismantleallthe woodpaneling   noactuallknowing  whether wewould actuallbe able to restore  it, however  everything   wasin a reasonably  goostate  after  we removeitallanitwas mainly the  very ornamental   pieces  thahato be recarved.  

All the panels were packed and sent to a storage waiting for the restoration.