Fancelli-Paneling | Since 1954 | Restoration of the “Château de Versailles”
Restauration des boiseries de Versailles
Vincenzo Fancelli, Restauration, Sculpture sur bois, Carving, Woodwork, Monument historique, Versailles, Marie Antoinette, Imperiale
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Restoration of the “Château de Versailles”

Carving, Monument historique, Oak, Paneling, Restauration, Sculpture sur bois, Woodwork
About This Project

It is in 1957, Vincenzo Fancelli, sculptor, saw itself entrusted the spot to reconstitute the canopy of the bed of Marie Antoinette’s chamber in the Palace of Versailles.
During 30 years, the Versailles’ restorations gave rhythm to the life of the workshop and gives to Fancelli the chance to contribuated at the reintegration of some of the most beautifull XVI & XVII century’s interiors.

Among the works done during the 30 years of collaboration :
La chambre de la reine (Balustrade, Imperiale, Lit)
Salon des Porcelaine
Restoration de la Balustrade de la chambre du roi

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